Project | 01
Project 01 | Pattern Recognition for Infrared Technology Control using Soft Pneumatic Chambers and Machine Learning Techniques

I am currently working on this project for my final year thesis. This project is partly a continuation of my internship project (see Project 02). Gesture recognition is back baby and I'm making it bigger and better than ever! Now with a budget of twenty-six weeks and a better data acquisition device, the aim of my thesis is turn the human arm into a universal remote for all of your infrared devices! Want to turn up the tv volume or the air-conditioner temperature with the swish of a wrist? I've got you covered...

Project | 02
Project 02 | Pattern Recognition for Prosthetic Hand User’s Intentions using EMG Data and Machine Learning Techniques

This project doubled up as an internship and my professional work experience. With a budget of twelve weeks and one Myo armband, it was my job to determine if it was possible to perform gesture recognition beyond the default 5 gestures, increase recognition accuracy above the default 83%, allow binding with the Python environment and actuate a prosthetic hand wirelessly. Whew! I loved the project so much I couldn't stop there... 

DOI:  10.1109/AIM.2019.8868766

Project | 03
Project 03 | Shmack! Mobile Game

A fun little puzzle-based mobile game that I have been working on in my spare time as a hobbie project. Developed using the Unity 3D engine and programmed in C#, this game is a challenge to myself to fully complete and publish a game as an indie developer!

Project | 04
Project 04 | Passive Multistage Wearable Chair with Integrated Metabolic Reduction Mechanism

A university project where I designed and analysed a novel wearable chair mechanism from scratch. The design incorporates a four bar mechanism that takes advantage of inverse kinematics to provide stable seating positions between 0-60 degrees (to transverse plane) and self-folding capabilities for walking phase. During walking phase a passive energy-restoring mechanism reduces metabolic cost.

Project | 05
Project 05 | Passive Postural Stability Orthotic Device Using Solely Additive Manufacturing Techniques

A university project where I designed and analysed a simplistic novel orthotic device for postural stability. The design used PLA 3D printing to maximise a user's base area of support with a light, portable and generative design mesh. The design is intended for use during the initial standing phase (from hospital bed for example) and is designed to complement existing stability aids such as walkers or reduce the physical input needed from a carer.

Project | 06
Project 06 | Digit Strength and Mobility Analysis Glove

A cost effective device to monitor and help facilitate the rehabilitation of patients whose hands have been affected by injury or a debilitating medical condition. Unique device in that it will be able to measure and visually display the strength of individual fingers. Quantitative and qualitative data can be accumulated, tailoring physical therapy activities for the individual. Can also be worn by a prosthetic hand to give visual feedback of the current grip strength.

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